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Main Server Rules

  1. Respect the players no hateful language or words to anyone.

  2. Do not harass other players, interactions with other players should remain Role Play related.

  3. No racial slurs of any kind will be permitted.

  4. Do Not RDM.
    Random Death Match - The killing of another player for Non-RP related reasoning.

  5. Do not spam your microphone, any chat, or any sound.

  6. Do not spam any chat (This includes Admin chat and Private Messages)

  7. Respect Fear RP
    Fear RP - You must value your life if someone is holding a gun to you (within realistic rule boundaries) you must comply with their request. Fear RP only applies to the following classes, unless the job description says otherwise: Mob Boss, Gangster, Terrorist, and Hobo King.

  8. Do not Troll.

  9. Do not use hacks or exploits.(Goes without saying)

  10. Do not call an admin for a reason without substantial proof that the rules have been breached.

  11. Do not spam props, text screens, flashlight, or camera.

  12. Only use English in any text.

  13. Do not scam any players.

  14. Do not RP with staff on duty.

  15. Do not block the passage of another player (i.e. Prop Block, Body Block).

  16. Do not Meta-game (i.e. Warranting a base because you hear/see illegal items through walls, are told in OOC chat.)

  17. The 3 Default Laws cannot be overwritten.

  18. Do not tell an admin how to do their job.

  19. Do not advertise other servers, will result in an immediate ban.

  20. Do not impersonate any player or staff member.

  21. Do not leave an admin sit, this will result in a punishment up to twice as bad as what you would receive.

  22. Do not blackmail any player or staff member.

  23. Do not interfere with or interrupt a sit.

  24. Do not disrespect people on the forums your post/comment will be removed.

  25. No Alt Accounts will result in an indefinite ban

  26. Do not break NLR.
    NLR - You must wait 5 minutes before returning to an area in which you've died. You also forget what has happened 5 minutes prior to your death.

  27. Do not build on the roads unless you are a hobo.

  28. Do not stack adverts. (i.e. [Advert]Raid, Mug, Kidnap is not allowed.)

  29. Do not leave the server to despawn your stolen items.

  30. Do not leave the server while in an admin sit or during punishment.

  31. Do not demote players for OOC reasons or if an admin is currently on the server.

  32. If someone else has broken a rule and cost you an amount of money it is up the the admins decision on whether or not they must compensate you.

  33. Do not threaten anyone in the server.


  1. NLR: 5 minutes

  2. Raiding the PD: 15 Minutes

  3. Normal raids: 10 Minutes 20 for the same person

  4. Mugging: 3 minutes 10 for the same person

  5. Kidnapping: 10 minutes 15 for same person

  6. Terror: 20 minutes

Prop Rules

  1. No invisible props

  2. Do not use props to prop climb. (exception is inside of a base)

  3. DO NOT shoot through 1 way props

  4. Do not prop Fly/Kill/Push

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