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VPS Request Format

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Make sure to post your request in the private subforum. It's private - only staff can see your thread.

VPS-5 (Germany):
E3-1245 V2 (2 cores), 5GB RAM, 500GB Storage, 1IPv4, KVM, 4TB/month @ 1Gbps

VPS-4 (US):

E3-1240 V3 (1 core), 1GB RAM, 100GB Storage, 1 Ipv4 + /64 IPv6, 500GB/month @ 100Mbps

VPS-6 (US):

E3-1240 V3 (2 cores), 2GB RAM, 200GB Storage, 1 IPv4 + /64 Ipv6, 2TB/month @ 1Gbps


What will you use the VPS for?

What kind of resource usage are you expecting to have? Do you understand that you have to actually use this VPS to keep it (idle vps will be removed):

Email address (for the control panel):

VPS Requested (VPS-4, VPS-5, VPS-6):

Have you read the TOS and AUP (it's in the announcements section):

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